Sunday, 7 August 2011

If only...

According to analysis if weed was legalised it would be 90% cheaper as it would be regulated by the goverment.
This means an ounce normally costing around 200-380 dollars or 400-500 pounds would only cost 20-38 dollars or 40-50 pounds if legalised!
Just imagine
Paying a buck for a dime bag(us)
Paying 1 pound for a tens(uk)
Keep Tokin~

Monday, 1 August 2011


I was just trying to light a joint then the flame coming out of my lighter starting moving to the beat of the song i was just playing (bloody beetroots warp 1.9) It was like whuf whuf whuf whuf whuf whuf then flickered and went out
I tried to light it again and nothing happened i tried one more time then the flame came out normal

Short post

Last Night. Spliff. Dominos. Spiderwick Chronicles. :D

Sunday, 31 July 2011


Wtf is wrong with me

Last night i went out to get weed and on the way back i felt like acting like a retard.
So i grabbed  the strings that come out your hoodie and pulled them really tight. I ended up looking like i was trying to fly a plane with a real small hole to look through. I walked like that for 10 whole minutes...
Then I saw 2 guys and a girl walking in my direction, they stared at me and i stared right back.
Once they got close enough one of the guys asked, You alright mate?
I didnt reply but i would have said
Do I fucking look alright to you?!