Sunday, 7 August 2011

If only...

According to analysis if weed was legalised it would be 90% cheaper as it would be regulated by the goverment.
This means an ounce normally costing around 200-380 dollars or 400-500 pounds would only cost 20-38 dollars or 40-50 pounds if legalised!
Just imagine
Paying a buck for a dime bag(us)
Paying 1 pound for a tens(uk)
Keep Tokin~

Monday, 1 August 2011


I was just trying to light a joint then the flame coming out of my lighter starting moving to the beat of the song i was just playing (bloody beetroots warp 1.9) It was like whuf whuf whuf whuf whuf whuf then flickered and went out
I tried to light it again and nothing happened i tried one more time then the flame came out normal

Short post

Last Night. Spliff. Dominos. Spiderwick Chronicles. :D

Sunday, 31 July 2011


Wtf is wrong with me

Last night i went out to get weed and on the way back i felt like acting like a retard.
So i grabbed  the strings that come out your hoodie and pulled them really tight. I ended up looking like i was trying to fly a plane with a real small hole to look through. I walked like that for 10 whole minutes...
Then I saw 2 guys and a girl walking in my direction, they stared at me and i stared right back.
Once they got close enough one of the guys asked, You alright mate?
I didnt reply but i would have said
Do I fucking look alright to you?!

Stuff to do/watch/eat high

I recently got some weed and i started makin a list of what to do when i got stoned heres what i got.
Lazy Town
Terminator 3
Family Guy
Mr Nice
Dexters Lab(LOL)
Adventure Time
The IT crowd
The Big Bang Theory(That one episode when they got high was too funny)

Juice (<3)
Ice Cream with hot jam

Practice Guitar
Roll another spliff
Smoke inside my tent when my mom goes to work (Believe me, its the sickest place you can ever smoke. Its a portable hotbox hehe)
Smoke Inside attic wardrobe (A nice woody fragrance mixes with the smoke. Indubitably.)
Read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fiyah
Remember random funny shit that happened when im high

If you want to add anything drop a comment

Keep Tokin~

Friday, 29 July 2011

Ninja time

Well winning them over went partially well.
My dad isn't pissed any more but my mum is still as angry as a thousand periods on pcp..
I promised i wouldn't smoke any more but i don't see any reason not to, so this means:
Im going to have to start being super smart and sly about this, like not smoking during the day, not smoking in the house, making sure i always have deodorant on me, and using eye drops if i ever do smoke.
Its gonna be difficult but with your guys help it should be a breeze!
So if you could leave tips to avoid detection drop a comment!
(Soon to)Keep Tokin~

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

That was a DUMB thing to do..

Yesterday I went out and got super high.
When I got home my parents noticed something was up instantly
I now know I must have been totally Fucked up cause i ended up telling my parents i was smoking weed. *FacePalm*
This prompted a pocket search (Found my Grinder) and being grounded for no actual period :(
Wish me luck as I try win em over
(I wont for a while)Keep Tokin~

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Worst thing to realise when your high

So im just having a shower and i notice theres a new gel on the hook.
I just ran out of mine so i thought it was my mom being nice and getting me some more.
I start using it and smells awesome like a coconut/berry/mango pile of awesome squished up and put in a bottle for sexy shower time.
As soon as im done lathering i look at the bottle closely..
Keep Tokin~

Monday, 25 July 2011

When Honey just doesnt cut it..

Wake and Bake

Ahh the Wake and Bake
The epitome of a nutritional breakfast for every stoner :D
Getting high in the morning helps you forget about all that happened yesterday (Getting stuck at a bus stop for an hour) and gives you a positive outlook for the day
Im just about to roll a nice fat skunk joint and get me some freakin cornflakes and blame it on hayfever if my mom notices my red eyes hehe
Keep Tokin~

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Outta weed? Roach time Baby!

Now im sure we've all come to that horrible low..
No weed and you're crying for more. Well that happens on a daily basis for me :) So i got thinkin
Why not use my roaches?
So i went outside grabbed about 15 roaches from under my window sill (hehe) and made one of the nicest joints of my life!
It was such a sick high I felt like I'd just taken Limitless or something
All colours were super enhanced plus i felt so open and chil
Then i grabbed my guitar and had such a sick time playing some crummy RHCP haha
So yep
Save your roaches
Keep Tokin~

Saturday, 23 July 2011

First Finga Lickin Post!

First of all thanks a lot for reading the first post of what i hope to be a fun blog *smiley face*
Basically whenever I get High, theres always funny shit happening to me or going on around me or some really weird shit goin on So i thought may aswell blog about them haha.
So yep this blogs gonna be about weed, smoking weed, gardening weeds i dunno stuff weed related oh and cartoons...Lots of Fucking Cartoons :D I might make a stuff to watch/do/eat/read high list aswell!
So yep here it is.
Enjoy yo self.