Friday, 29 July 2011

Ninja time

Well winning them over went partially well.
My dad isn't pissed any more but my mum is still as angry as a thousand periods on pcp..
I promised i wouldn't smoke any more but i don't see any reason not to, so this means:
Im going to have to start being super smart and sly about this, like not smoking during the day, not smoking in the house, making sure i always have deodorant on me, and using eye drops if i ever do smoke.
Its gonna be difficult but with your guys help it should be a breeze!
So if you could leave tips to avoid detection drop a comment!
(Soon to)Keep Tokin~


  1. Definitely don't smoke anywhere near your house, find a spot that you can run to where there's no one in the vicinity... should be easy depending on where you live. Use joints that you can get rid of quickly.
    Also lol at the cheeky labels, i see what you did there.

  2. your mom sounds like a fierce woman