Wednesday, 27 July 2011

That was a DUMB thing to do..

Yesterday I went out and got super high.
When I got home my parents noticed something was up instantly
I now know I must have been totally Fucked up cause i ended up telling my parents i was smoking weed. *FacePalm*
This prompted a pocket search (Found my Grinder) and being grounded for no actual period :(
Wish me luck as I try win em over
(I wont for a while)Keep Tokin~


  1. damn better luck next time. I love having my own place lol.

  2. Good luck then. +follow

  3. Hahah, lmao! Good luck, but luck won't help you there.

  4. Well said D:
    I seriosly cant wait to move

  5. Agh that sucks man... it gets better, especially once you live on your own. When my parents would suspect something I would usually just say that i was really upset about something and didn't want to talk about it.