Sunday, 24 July 2011

Outta weed? Roach time Baby!

Now im sure we've all come to that horrible low..
No weed and you're crying for more. Well that happens on a daily basis for me :) So i got thinkin
Why not use my roaches?
So i went outside grabbed about 15 roaches from under my window sill (hehe) and made one of the nicest joints of my life!
It was such a sick high I felt like I'd just taken Limitless or something
All colours were super enhanced plus i felt so open and chil
Then i grabbed my guitar and had such a sick time playing some crummy RHCP haha
So yep
Save your roaches
Keep Tokin~


  1. crummy and rhcp can not be in the same sentence :P

  2. I know its Blasphemy but i suck at guitar...No doubt about it

  3. lol last time me and my bud mixed weed we thought we were magicians

  4. *pat on head*
    You need help.
    Keep taking those normal pills, kay?

  5. Interesting. I was always kind of interested in substances/other states of consciousness.

    Keep up the good work. Followed.

  6. fuck, 15 roaches? this is sick hahah